Created from a Public Housing Authority (PHA) and a HUD Multifamily Housing Contract Administrator, Blueprint Housing Solutions brings a unique perspective to the affordable housing consulting field. We capitalize on our expertise and diverse background to create tailored solutions for PHAs and owners and agents of Multifamily Housing across the nation.

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Project Based Section 8

Blueprint Housing Solutions provides a full range of services to owners and agents of HUD subsidized Multifamily Housing properties. Our housing experts assess key areas of each Project Based Section 8 property for compliance with federal regulations and owner policies and procedures, and provide recommendations based on our vast experience as HUD's Contract Administrator. This experience allows us to provide tested and proven strategies and best practices for streamlining operations and maintaining compliance. This experience includes over:

  • 8,700 Management and Occupancy Reviews (MORs)
  • 65,000 tenant file audits
  • 120,000 HAP vouchers totaling over $4.5 billion in subsidy payments
  • 10,000 HAP contract renewals and rent adjustments
  • 8,000 special claims yielding over $3.5 million in approved payments to owners
  • 12,000 inquiries concerning crime and safety, management operations, maintenance and leasing and occupancy issues resolved

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Public Housing Authorities

Blueprint Housing Solutions provides PHAs with integrated technical assistance that equips them with the knowledge, skills and processes to quickly implement HUD programs and policies successfully – for the betterment of staff, residents and the broader community.

Our team is comprised of highly skilled and experienced former senior level administrators of affordable housing operations and community development programs. We have extensive experience administering high performing Public Housing and Housing Choice Voucher programs, and are skilled auditors and trainers with a thorough understanding of HUD regulations.

As a subsidiary of a high performing, large PHA, Blueprint Housing Solutions' team of housing experts have relevant and timely experience and are the reason that the Housing Authority of the City of Austin is so successful. Accomplishments include:

  • 14 years of continuous HUD High Performer status
  • 104 SEMAP score
  • 99% PHAS score

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