Blueprint provides customized consulting services to the affordable housing industry for a broad range of services, including operational assessments, file and program review, compliance assessments, inspections, contract renewals and rent adjustments, tenant recertifications and submissions and on-demand technical assistance services.

Management Operations Assessments

Using a risk-based approach, we conduct management operations assessments to gauge regulatory compliance and identify areas in need of improvement and standardization. Our housing experts utilize proprietary methodologies to determine program deficiencies and performance levels. We analyze management systems, organizational structures and established procedures to identify knowledge gaps and provide recommendations for process improvement and workflow reengineering.

Tenant File Review

We are experts at conducting tenant file reviews and provide detailed reports with specific recommendations for corrective actions including best practices and specific solutions that are time tested and proven.

Our certified staff completes comprehensive reviews of tenant files using a digital Tenant File Review Worksheet unique to the specific housing program and the desired sample size. Upon completion of the review, we provide individual worksheets for each file as well as a summary report detailing any identified systemic observations or deficiencies.

Pre-MOR/Pre-LIHTC Review

Blueprint performs pre-audit assessments and site visits one to two months prior to the anticipated Management Occupancy Review (MOR) or Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) compliance audit. Depending on the type and scope of the review, certain aspects of the assessment can be performed remotely, while an on-site visit is required to assess the site’s physical condition.

Tenant File Compliance Assessments

Stop mistakes before they occur. We review supporting verification documents and calculations as certifications are completed, but before they are signed. This is an invaluable service for both HUD assisted and/or Low-Income Housing Tax Credit properties looking for strong quality control measures to avoid noncompliance surprises during a Management Occupancy Review (MOR) or Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) compliance audit. Our team assesses the content of each completed certification packet in accordance with applicable program regulations to ensure eligibility was appropriately determined for Move-Ins and Initial Certifications and appropriate verifications were obtained to support the household’s income, assets and deductions displayed (as applicable) on the certification in question.

EIV Report Printing

As one of your approved EIV Users, our team will download/print and e-mail (with en-cryption) the applicable EIV Reports for your property, each month, as specified in your written EIV Policies and Procedures (purchase of Blueprint Housing Solutions EIV Policies and Procedures is required for activation of this service.) 

EIV and Fraud

We perform comprehensive file audits to identify fraud indicators, detect program abuse and neglect, monitor adherence to HUD's Enterprise Income Verification (EIV) system requirements and assess regulatory compliance. We create, revamp and implement fraud detection and monitoring and EIV programs based on industry best practices.

Tenant Recertifications

We precisely perform annual or interim recertifications and are experts at processing HUD required forms, including 50058s and 50059s. We strictly adhere to HUD and other federal system requirements while also ensuring compliance with agency policies and security requirements. We can remotely work with a variety of management software to provide efficient and seamless services.

Contract Renewals/Rent Adjustments

Put our renewal and adjustment expertise to work for you. Our team generates and submits contract renewals and annual rent adjustment requests to either HUD or to the assigned Contract Administration. We have extensive experience selecting the most advantageous renewal options for our clients and preparing renewal rent adjustment submissions that maximize the rent potential for their properties. We also analyze and prepare utility allowance analyses in accordance with current HUD guidelines.  

We prepare annual contract renewals and rent adjustment requests, along with early contract terminations and long term renewal requests that are submitted as part of refinancing or acquisition. Our expertise covers Mark-Up-To-Market, Mark-Up-To-Budget, Contract Combinations, 8bb transactions, OCAF, Budget-based, AAF and special rent adjustments. We also provide hourly consulting and training services on contract renewals and rent adjustment strategies.

Tracs Certification and Voucher Transmission (HUD Multifamily Only)

We expertly transmit tenant data and voucher files to HUD on behalf of owners, agents and managers. Our processors have expert knowledge of TRACS, PIC, EIV and 4350.3 Handbook and can assist in navigating compliance with subsidy billing requirements. We have a reputation for providing a service-oriented approach and frequent and effective communication with staff.

Our certified staff enter and transmit tenant certifications and vouchers for clients using their licensed web-based compliance software. We provide a standard data entry form for clients to complete for each new certification action. Each month, we also provide the client with:  

  • Initial Notices for completed Move In and Annual Recertifications 
  • Lease Amendment Letter(s) for each recertified household 
  • A Tenant Rent Report 
  • Customized Recertification Reminder 
  • Notices at 120-90-60 day increments, as needed
  • A Recertification Listing showing the next recertification date for each tenant

On-Demand Management and Compliance Consulting

This is affordable, on-demand compliance support, but only when you need it.  Consulting time incurred for communication and research related to a client’s inquiry is billed at the hourly rate. It’s real-world knowledge at your finger tips for a fraction of the cost of a salaried compliance manager.

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